I started taking photos of my dog Kevin when I was around eight. My dad lent me one of his cameras, and Kevin and I started to explore different photography techniques. The passion I have for wildlife photography did, however, not truly emerge before I went on a ten-day trip to Kenya in July 2018. The experience was so breathtakingly beautiful, yet peaceful and calming that I was instantly bit by the wildlife photography bug. Since then I have gone on several trips in Norway and England, seeking to capture the charming creatures that thrive in each of the respective environments.

During my BA and MA studies at Newcastle University (UK) I explored the local urban wildlife milling in the city’s many parks. One of the most treasured values I gained from the experience is that, despite being urban animals, is the encounter and the thrill of capturing a shot of them just as great as with more exotic animals.

I am ever looking forward towards my next adventure and you are more than welcome to follow my journey!

Professional Profile

I have been on several photography workshops, the two most notable being a model shoot with Brett Harkness and a dog photography course with Alicja Zmysłowska.

Harkness’s course was a three-day course in Manchester (UK) where I developed my eye for location and lighting, which I actively use in both my wildlife and pet photography.

Zmysłowska’s workshop was in Bergen (NOR) over a weekend where I worked with various agility trained dogs, which meant that they knew a lot of cool tricks, which I used to stage pictures. This was a unique opportunity which I have used to further my photography technique and editing to best present my model(s).

I currently sell my products here on my web page, Adobe Stock, Alamy and Redbubble (C-B-Stuedal).

Recent Jobs

2020 – now

Self-Employed at Cecilie B. Stuedal Photography

  • Write, take photos and publish articles for the local municipality’s website that aims to promote the local community on
  • Photograph and edit my own pictures of humans, pets, wildlife, and landscapes for sale and competitions.
  • Produce texts and translate content between English and Norwegian for a series of businesses.
  • Successfully sold advertisements for the local municipality’s magazine, “Bolyst.Land Magasinet”, to finance its production
  • Researched and worked as a video conference consultant for a firm aiming to have a live conference with several cameras be recorded
  • Assisted on film, voice-over, and drone jobs

2008 – 2020

Part-time PR consultant and photographer Assistant at Stuedal Kommunikasjon

I have worked as a part-time photography assistant for Stuedal Photography ( This job has been my main gateway to the photography industry.

  • Assistant on photography courses and some bigger productions
  • Managed equipment, lighting, adjustments of cameras and helped customers and models.
  • Updated websites for customers in addition to other relevant odd jobs like translating texts from Norwegian to English, and English to Norwegian
  • Photography assistant at Blåkors’ campaign “Jeg Ser” a solidarity organisation’s campaign aimed at recognising children in need. Edited and posted pictures continuously on the day of the shoot
  • Translated Norwegian subtitles to English for an informative film
  • Assisted and took my own pictures on wildlife photography trips, which I have edited in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop and uploaded to Adobe Stock and Alamy for sale.

Jun 2016 – Now

Retailer/Cashier at Elkjøp

  • Responsible for sales, organising contracts and restoking shelves
  • Identifying the needs of the customer and effectively communicating the best product with knowledgeable recommendations
  • “Trygghetsavtale”/Insurance (Aug 2018). I Sold the largest quantity of insurances locally and ranked among the top 10 insurance salespersons in Norway month of August

2012 – 2016

Self Employed / Café owner and cashier

  • Responsible for the daily operation, preparation of food and sales
  • Sold food, beverages, art from our gallery, frames, books, ceramics, fruit-based products like jam and juice.
  • Entertained the customers with stories about the Schee farm
  • Identified what it takes to run a small business and the different marketing techniques needed to run a café

My skills in photography ´

Since my experimental dog photography stat in my back garden, I have branched out into a broader field. Wildlife photography is currently dominating the poll, but I also take Press & PR, product shots and photos of domestic animals.

Wildlife photography
Press & PR Photography
Pet photography
Product Photography
Landscape Photography



MA History at Newcastle University, UK

MA Dissertation
– HIS8023
– Stereotypes Reconsidered: The Sámi in Old Norse Literature and Archaeology

– HIS8052 Conflict in European History
– HIS8053 Conflict in European History: Case Studies
– HIS8098 Research Skills and Dissertation Training
– HIS8061 The Practice of History
– SHS8128 Diseases in History


BA English Literature and History at Newcastle University, UK

BA Dissertation
– SEL3377
-Transformation of Knowledge: Il Milione by Marco Polo in Relation to Travel Writing, Hybrid Languages, and Translation, with a Comparison to The Travels of Sir John Mandeville

Stage 1
– HIS1025 World Empires
– HIS1030 Evidence and Argument
– HIS1046 The History of the Americas
– SEL1003 Introduction to Literary Studies 1
– SEL1023 Transformations
– SEL1030 Close Reading

Stage 2
– HIS2012 Clash of Civilizations: Islam, the Crusades, and the Mongol invasions (c. 750-1300)
– HIS2132 The Criminal Atlantic in the Long Eighteenth Century: Pirates, Convicts and Rebels
– HIS2239 Colonialism and Post-Colonialism in Egypt and Sudan
– SEL2201 Reading the Renaissance
– SEL2206 Contemporary Cultures
– SEL2218 Research Project in English Literature & History

Stage 3
– HIS3219 Living Together: Christians, Muslims and Jews in Medieval Iberia
– HIS3321 Viking-Age Scandinavia
– SEL3370 Writing the Postcolonial Nation: Literature from the Indian Subcontinent
– SEL3390 A New Empire: Fiction and the Rise of Global Capitalism


International Baccalaureate (IB) at Gjøvik Vidregående Skole, Norway

Courses (HL = Higher Level, SL = Standard Level)
– English HL,
– Economics HL
– History HL
– Norwegian SL
– Biology SL
– Mathematics SL
– Theory of Knowledge